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In the Community

Taste Alberta

Taste Alberta Logo

Taste Alberta represents a variety of organizations within the Alberta food industry that have come together to encourage loyalty to locally produced food.

We are proud to be a member of this working group of advisors and partners that use communication, education and engagement to connect consumers with the facts about Alberta food and to help you explore the amazing range of products right here at home.

Taste Alberta serves up information to help you serve Alberta food every day.

To learn more about upcoming events, please visit the Taste Alberta website.

SM5 (Alberta Supply Management)

We are a proud partner of the Alberta "SM5", which is a working group of Alberta Milk, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Turkey Producers and Alberta Chicken Producers, committed to upholding our supply managed system.

Together we strive to stay active in your communities through local engagement to connect our consumers to the safe, high quality products raised by our supply managed poultry and dairy producers.

For more information about supply management in Alberta, visit the supply management website.

SM5 Infographic

Classroom Agriculture Program

Classroom Agricultural Program

We are excited to be partners in the Classroom Agriculture Program.

The Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) started in 1985, since that time over 600,000 students have participated in our program. CAP is about the food you eat and where it comes from. CAP explains the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta. CAP highlights the vast opportunities in agriculture and the people, producers and industries that drive this trade.

CAP is presented to grade four students across Alberta at no charge. Volunteers deliver the program through story-telling, engaging props and fun activities.

This initiative is supported by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.
To learn more about CAP or to request a presentation in your classroom, please visit