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Chicken Recipes

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Nutritional Resources

Nutritional Chicken Infographs

Chicken really does help the common cold. Learn about this and all of the many ways chicken is a part of a healthy diet through informative Nutritional Chicken Infographs.

maple-leafCanada Food Guide

Chicken is a viable choice in a balanced healthy diet. See the Canada Food Guide for more information.

See the Canada Food Guide

Simply Chicken Cook Book


Simply Chicken is our signature cookbook and includes 85 recipes with ingredients that can readily be found in your kitchen. In it, you can find recipes like:

  • Cranberry, chicken and brie wrap
  • Poached chicken with asian greens
  • Tomato, white bean, and chicken linguine

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Food Safety at Home

No matter what you're cooking, food safety means more than just washing your hands. Here you'll find a wealth of information on keeping your family safe from food-borne illness.