Alberta Chicken Producers – Who are we?

Alberta Chicken Producers is a provincial 'farmer-run' organization, representing our 245 registered chicken farmers in Alberta. Our farmers are local families who are passionately committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality, locally produced chicken, raised under the highest standards of animal care and food safety.
  • 100% of chicken farmers in Alberta are certified under national Animal Care and On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Programs as a condition of their licenses to market chicken.
  • Our farms are audited and certified annually by  third party auditors.
Our industry is growing sustainably.
  • Our 245 farms produce over 130 million kg live weight of chicken annually, with a farm gate value of over $203 million. All of this is accomplished without subsidies or taxpayer dollars.
  • 69% of Alberta’s Chicken farmers are between the ages of 18 and 49. In 2013, Alberta saw 9 new entrants into the chicken industry and 13 in 2014.
  • Our unique combination of youth and experience has secured our place in Alberta’s dynamic economic environment for years to come.
We place high value on the partnerships that define our industry.
  • We are part of a community, and integrated value chain, working closely with hatcheries, processors, feed companies, researchers, and agricultural boards at the provincial and national level.
Alberta Chicken Producers values our relationships with industry stakeholders, as exemplified by our Shared Industry Vision: “By working together, Alberta's chicken industry is growing, creating shared value and satisfying consumers by providing safe, high-quality chicken products.” In support of this Shared Industry Vision, Alberta Chicken Producer’s Mission is: “Serve Alberta's chicken producers by (1) Creating a thriving environment for sustainable chicken production, and (2) Collaboratively encouraging a competitive, consumer-focused chicken industry.”